La Crosse, WI

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For over 40 years, Chris has speicalized in helping owners of buildngs in historic

downtown districts plan for their rehabilitation and adaptive reuse. His

technical knowledge provides a plan for the conservatoin and repair as well as the use of historic buildng codes preservation ordinances.

Restore you property to its former glory with historic rehabilitation

Learn about historic building

ownership and tax advantages

of State and Federal tax

incentive programs!

Historical Building Services includes:


- Application for State and Federal

 Tax Credits!

- Field Measuring and documenting

 Existing Buildings

- Photographic Survey

- Code and Zoning Compliance

- Hire Subconsultants for Structural,

 Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

 Condition Reports

- Historical Significance Repots

- Adapative Reuse Planning

- Historic Materials Research

- Feasibility Analysis

- Costruction Cost Analysis

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